At Sebastiano's we believe the decisions we make around food can have a profound and radical impact on our lives, health, community and the environment.

Our Core Values

  • We exist foremost to provide value & enjoyment to our customers.

  • We prioritize working with local businesses, farmers and food producers when making purchasing decisions.

  • We support positive agricultural practices, including the Organic, Regenerative Agriculture, Animal Welfare and Non-GMO movements

  • We provide healthy and nutritious options in addition to many treats

  • We always look for ways to limit our waste and packaging footprint to limit the effect our business has on the environment

  • We look to the resilient food traditions of our past to inform and guide us on repairing the food system for our future

  • We support Black Lives Matter!

  • We support LGBQT equality!

  • We believe in diversity, tolerance, and respect.